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The Vision

VULGAR CITIZEN is many things. As an innovative clothing boutique, it redefines vulgarity and its power in fashion. As a brand, we cater to the outrageous in all of us and encourage people to own their vulgarity, not just in their wardrobes but also in their lives. VULGAR CITIZEN strives to achieve the perfect balance between uniqueness and comfort. With a creative contemporary feel, the brand itself is a mix of casual and sexy, but also elegant and edgy.

What does it mean to be “vulgar?” Often, “vulgarity” and its synonyms are thrown around nonchalantly without true recognition of what the words mean. Therefore, we decided to give the word a makeover, so to speak. VULGAR CITIZEN is not just a clothing boutique. VULGAR CITIZEN is not just a brand. VULGAR CITIZEN is way of life. Strength, intelligence, and the boldness to take your wardrobe to unchartered territory can be intimidating to others as some people are simply afraid of what they do not know. As a result, labels are born. To be “vulgar” is one of those labels and we have decided to flip what it means. If you are a VULGAR CITIZEN, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are living your truth with confidence and ease. You make no apologies for who you are and where you come from. We are just grateful to provide you with clothing and accessories to help you look your best along the way.

Take a minute to look around, and we know you will like what you see. We are VULGAR CITIZEN, ready to provide you with your next favorite shopping experience.